September 2015

The 12 days of the Fair were interspersed with 3 events at the stadium.

The farming museum is located just across the road from the Green Gate.

Setting up for a concert at the Fair.

Another soccer match: my view for a little while, almost on the pitch!

At the end of the match, the team acknowledges the faithful.

Back at the Fair.

I took one of these burls home that night.

One of many displays scattered around the fairground.

Angel looking vaguely intelligent behind Bella.

And looking very elegant on the bedspread.

Testing an LED projector. Buddy was fascinated by the moving screen saver.

Working a Huskies football game at the University of Washington with Staff Pro. Working on the Student ID only gate. Yes, LOTS of dishy young students. And the Husky statue right out front of the gate.

Feeder bucket on the balcony outside the dining room window, with the local squirrel in attendance, and Buddy keen to test his hunting skills.

I saw a major holdup on Google Maps, so walked up to the bridge to check it out: an EMPTY freeway, a very rare sight. And from the other side of the bridge, the cause: Traffic has been stopped for the motor cavalcade of the Chinese President to enter about half a mile further on.

Another Sounders match, with SoundWave warming up the arriving crowd.

The squirrel and Buddy at it again!

Another Huskies game, this time working “The Zone”, an alcohol-available area inside the otherwise alcohol-free campus. This collection was in preparation for the half-time rush.

Back at CenturyLink Field, the exodus after a Seahawks game.

The Blood Moon, which I saw by walking about 50m down the street. This awesome sequence taken by an amateur astronomer, Jose Antonio Hervas, in Ibiza, was selected as the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day.

And yet another event with Staff Pro, this time as a demo person at the opening of a new Costco store.

And the best part: the spread of leftovers that the caterers put on at the end of the shift.

Other jobs this month included:

  • Back to the winery after the last 2 concerts of the season, to put away the chairs from the reserved seating areas.
  • A “beverage freshness survey”, taking random samples of selected products from display, shelves and fridges in several local supermarkets, and documenting their date codes. I now know how to read a date code!