March 2015

Julie was cleaning the old cuckoo clock and suddenly was confronted with a large spider. Whoa, hang on. There aren’t any spiders like that in this house. Thought about it for a while. The spider must have come down from the cottage inside the clock. Imagine the damage if it had done that when I was hanging the clock on the wall!

The fleas around here are just atrocious. They’re everywhere! We finally paid to get the whole property treated, inside and outside. We had to vacate the place for several hours, so Julie took the kids and spent the day in the bus in the driveway. In the process, Buddy escaped, causing major panic, but then didn’t know where to go and surrendered peacefully.

A few days later, Angel was not herself (when is she ever herself?) and had a gummy eye. Yay, another trip to the vet, who couldn’t find anything wrong. My diagnosis is that she had been scratching herself and had hit herself in the eye.

After searching the net for a replacement toothbrush with no success, I contacted the hotel in Encinitas. Sure, they had the stuff I had left behind, so I emailed them a picture of my credit card, and a package arrived a few weeks later.

Meanwhile, I have worked really hard on finishing the inside of the bus, and it is now for sale. Julie put out a call for a cleaner to detail it, and within the hour, had contact from Lynn, who does all sorts of contract cleaning. She spent 2 days on it, and did a magnificent job. We now have rug on the floors to prevent them from getting dirty again.

Julie continues to struggle with the concept that she can’t find a job and is therefore worthless. The good news is that we are here for not more than a year now.

Julie has also been moisturising her hands with a Sorbolene cream, to which it seems she has become allergic. They looked even worse than they did after the sunburn saga. We are now treating them with a cream from Global Light, which is loaded with colloidal silver.