November 2014

And again, I’m late. Life seems to be moving too fast.

Work has settled into a pattern. Scott and I were in the Fleet Air Arm building until equipment arrived back from Florida, at which point I moved across the road into the Squadron building, into a small room with the door closed, occupied by 4 bodies most of the time, plus gear pushing out heat all of the time, with an airconditioning system that can’t handle the job. I come home each day looking and feeling like a limp dishrag.

I did have a REALLY good day just after I moved, sitting on the floor, making Ethernet cables. Only a true geek would really understand. When I dashed home to grab my crimping and testing tools, Julie said it was the happiest she had seen me in a long time!

The guys I work alongside are pilots and navigators (junior officers) and aircrew (other ranks). I learn something every day.

The base has a tradition for the first week in November, that they have a full base parade.

Taken nearby.

Julie is still hunting for work.

Each weekend, we try to get out somewhere, such as checking out the various beaches around here.