October 2014

And again, I’m late, although at least not so much just yet.

I’ve realised that the camera has hardly come out at all lately and the photo gallery has suffered accordingly.

To continue the story ….

We went to Nowra for 2 days. We saw a unit in Sanctuary Point that we liked, and submitted an application, confident that we would be approved. Two days later, nope, no reason given. Maybe the bus, maybe the pets, don’t know. Mad scramble, 10 days to go before I start work, and it’s the weekend already. I jumped online again and selected 3 properties towards the south of Nowra itself, and submitted an application for each one. Called the agent next morning and she confirmed that she had received three applications. Two of them were still occupied for another 3 weeks, but the third one was vacant. Please, please, please, can I have that one? Meanwhile, Paul and I were working on finishing the roof of the bus to make it waterproof, with all of the fittings back on. These are taken near his place.

Got a call from the agent that afternoon to say that she could not yet contact the owner and that she was going to recommend that we be pre-approved, subject to my inspection on Thursday morning next week. This story is a bit disjointed, because the days have all run into each other along the way.

Meanwhile, I had to go to Sydney on Tuesday for a pre-arranged cardiologist appointment. More on that later.

Julie decided that she would stay behind at the cottage until the furniture was on its way on Friday, so the week panned out as:
Saturday, finished the bus; Monday (public holiday) finished the packing;
Tuesday, day trip to Sydney;
Wednesday, short pack the bus and take it to the coast, staying at the Berry Showground;
Thursday, inspect the property, accept it, back into town and sign the lease, check in with Defence contact, check in with removalist, find a chemist, check in with a caravan place for future order of ceiling material for the bus, get to the library to get the base access form printed so that I could sign, scan and send it via email, collect the house keys when they were ready, ….  I’m exhausted!

Tomorrow is take the bus to the house and unpack it, then to the removalist’s depot to store it for a while, then wait at the house for the guys to arrive. And I have a 14:00 appointment in town for a CT scan of bits of my heart, so I am forbidden to do any exercise, like lifting boxes. At least everything has come together in time.

And the story continues ….

The move went well. My colleague Scott, who is now living here away from his family in Queensland, needed some exercise on the Saturday, so he came over and helped. Wow, did he ever! By Saturday night, almost every box was in the room where it needed to be and the house was habitable. We shouted him dinner on Sunday as a thank you.

Work is a whole new world. On an active Navy base for one thing. And learning a new system from scratch. Talk abut headspin.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. The bus is now parked in our driveway, where I can get to it, grab things out of it, work on it, etc. The driveway looks pretty full actually. Julie is looking for work and trying not to be depressed. It’s much harder finding work here.

And we have REAL Internet at the house. It feels like home.