April 2014

Rain, and more rain. The tanks in our back yard are overflowing regularly. The dam is overflowing. Remember the boat? Yeah, I left it in the water, and the watertight stowage areas around the sides and stern weren’t so watertight. It ended up down to the gunwales. OK then, I’ll go down there and pull it out. Pulled by hand using a 2-1 advantage on the pulley, not up far enough. Went back up the driveway and got the Zook, which BTW is running very well again. Hitched it up, hauled away and snapped the rope. Oops. Out with the almost indestructible ex climbing rope. Hooked that up and hauled. We were doing really well until the front of the boat came off! Oops. Gray said, “That’s OK, it came from the tip in the first place.” Whew!

We have finally captured some decent video of Angel playing with Buddy. She has grown in so many ways in the last 6 months. For her to attempt to (gently) bite Buddy’s nose is a huge achievement.


More muchrooms.

Sunday, 6 April. Julie & I pay tribute to Army Sergeant Ben Shaw, who lost his battle with cancer tonight at age 28. April & Michael have been friends of the entire Shaw family for decades, and they have had Ben staying in their house for the last couple of months. His Army comrades visited him within the last few days, to promote him to Sergeant. I have some pictures of the event, which I’ll try to put up tonight. It’s never easy. That’s all I can say.

Update; Ben did leave us shortly after that and was farewelled at a military funeral. While I have seen pictures and video of many of those, it really hits home when you knew the person in the casket.

And my eBay Store has really taken off with, among many orders, a large one from a maintenance company in Western Australia, who ordered 10 rugged Android phones to equip their field staff with a new application that they are developing. I am so chuffed that they chose me as their supplier, because I am here in Australia, with links to a relatively cheap source. I managed to cement that relationship further by providing them with what they need at what they consider to be a great price, and me with a healthy profit. They expect to be ordering another 15 units some time in the near future.

Peggy the cow had her calf on Easter Sunday and he was named Jesus. We were wondering where they were, until several days later, when I took a walk waaaay down to the bottom of the paddock adjacent to our back yard. And there they were, right down near the creek, sheltered in a grove of small spindly trees. While I could see her, I couldn’t see the little guy until I looked for about the third time. Since then, the owners have been milking her as much as they can, given that she’s a Jersey and a former dairy cow. She was given to them because her udder was too big and had dropped too far for the dairy to fit the cups on. So we have had access to as much fresh milk as we can handle, which is not much!

See. I can go almost anywhere.

Yeah, that boat’s not going anywhere now. after I got over the embarrassment of destroying what was left of it, I figured I should at least take a picture.

Ah! There they are.

And of course, the roos at work.