October 2013

The good news is that Angel has completely recovered from her depression and anxiety, and has restarted playing with us as she did briefly after we came home. Even better, is that Julie decided to play with her using a rainbow coloured duster, and she really got into it, actually grabbing it a few times. There is no way that Kelly would have allowed her to do this, as he would have insisted on being involved himself.


The things you see, living out in the country.

Unfortunately, in the following weeks, she slipped back into loneliness, and we applied the DAP collar that I had bought from the vet for just in case. She is following a pattern of picking up while we are at home over the weekend, followed during the work week by dropping off into a listless mode of living in her kennel outside, and not eating anything.  At least she has not dropped back into that terrible depression that we first saw. So …. this weekend, we took Angel off to Canberra in search of a companion. We visited the RSPCA and the ACT Pound, and then the Queanbeyan Pound. They had no dogs, but when the Ranger mentioned, “unless you want a cat”, we both recalled Julie’s wish for a cat, after 8 years of not having one. And there he was, a Flame Point Himalayan, only 6 months old, who had just come up for adoption. While we went off to buy some supplies for him, we left Angel at the Pound Office for them to become acquainted. Which they did, When we returned, they were following each other around the office. He came very close to escaping out of the box on the way home.

Buddy is now the life of the party and Angel will just have to get used to it. We hope that once she realises that he is here to stay and that they can be friends in her “domain” (not that she realises yet that she actually has one), she will enjoy his company. And while he recovers from his mandatory operation, possibly as early as next week, perhaps she will sympathise and bond with him then. Meanwhile, I had forgotten just how nosey a cat can be. He gets into EVERYthing! But then the soothing sound of him purring in my ear makes up for it and reduces my blood pressure.

The “new” engine in the Zook continues to perform well, although it does struggle to keep up with the traffic on the really big sweeping bend up the hill from the Yass River on the way home. And in the mornings, I hit the highway and wind it up to about 80kmh, with cars and trucks zipping past. Then once I hit the downhill run, away we go and the car doing the overtaking at the time is suddenly left behind. Along the way, I bought a “new” carburettor for it and a specialist who works from home in Murrumbateman has pulled the working choke bits out of it, fitted them into the existing one and tuned it. After that, it might even start in the cold. Yay!

This time, there’s a pair of roos having a stand-off out the back of work.

Towards the end of the month and it seems to have been a long haul. We have both hit rough patches along the way. Buddy has settled in and Angel is really not sure what to do with herself when he is not inside. We have “lost” him twice already, the first being me losing sight of him in the back yard (he was there behind a bush all along) and the second when Julie accidentally let him out the front door. Panic ensued on both occasions until he was located. The good news is that he has figured out where the food is and doesn’t go far.

Meanwhile, we have been cleaning and preparing the bus, to take it into Canberra next weekend, to be hired out to a colleague as onsite accommodation for his daughter coming in from overseas for 6 months.

And I happened to be poking around outside before Julie got home and came across a pair of Shingleback Lizards. Apparently they pair up early in life and get together each spring, with the female producing live young during Summer. This was my second sighting, but the first time, I had a cat and no camera!

We also have several Water Fowl and some ducks who hang around the dam and the adjoining paddock reaching up to our back yard.