October 2008

I have stumbled across what I believe to be something of a medical miracle – in fact it’s called Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). In very brief terms, it’s a means of producing, inside the body, a supply of chlorine dioxide, which is a killer of pathogens and commonly used as a water purifier. A pathogen is an entity that causes disease or illness. MMS has been successfully and consistently used by its inventor to cure malaria. I’ve been taking it ever since we got back from Canada, slowly building up the dosage and I’m feeling fantastic. And with Julie’s cold not really going away completely, as with many others here, I have actually started her on it too. I strongly suggest downloading the free e-book from the site above and drawing your own conclusions.

In the past, this website has received a number of hits from people using the search engines to look for Pacquin Plus Hand Cream, landing on the page where Julie recalls the smell reminding her of her mother. If you arrived here using the same search, you could try …. (2018 update) – one of the stores I recommended no longer exists online and the other doesn’t have it stock, but like almost anything these days, you can get it on Amazon!

We have just arrived home from a wonderfully relaxing weekend at Broulee Beach with Bob & Jen. Thanks, guys.

The big news this month has been the arrival of Harry Rodney Fiddaman into the world. Huge congratulations to Brooke & Paul in Melbourne. They called me from the Rialto Hotel, which is a 5-star hotel with a whole floor dedicated to post-natal recovery, with a midwife on 24-hour call. The object is to get a healthy mother and baby out of the hospital bed as soon as possible, thereby freeing up the bed, and putting them into a suite in the hotel. So Paul joined them for 3 days of luxury, while Brooke’s parents stayed at their place and looked after Jack. And room service instead of hospital food! The previous night, they had lounged in the spa and watched a movie of the big screen TV.

Julie came home with a story from the Convention Centre. When the place was being built, a pair of currawongs were allowed to make their nest in the top of the Exhibition Hall. Now that the place is completed, of course it means nothing to the birds – this is their home. The trouble starts when the NCC wants to put on a MAJOR event in the hall and the birds are nesting and getting cranky with all the activity. So the Staging Connections people get up there in their cherry picker and remove the nest, which was created from bits of wire and other stuff that the birds had found inside the building. Then one of the guys was wondering why he was getting dive-bombed by both of the birds, until someone explained it this way. Well, if someone came into your house and destroyed it, wouldn’t you go after him? And no-one will just kill them either, because they are a native bird and are protected. They finally got them out of there with huge speakers playing ultra-sound noise.

We have now heard back from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on Julie’s application for citizenship. They want us to produce evidence of name change(s), which means they want originals AND certified copies of all of her marriage certificates. Uhhh, don’t they already have those on file from her resident application? Ah, no this is a new and separate application and we need all this stuff again. The hard part is finding them again!

Julie is FINALLY feeling better. The flu thing this year lasts about 6 weeks, regardless of what you do for it.

Sometimes on the PuppyCam slideshow, you’ll see me go out with the electric jug and return from the direction of the orange tree, which BTW is doing extremely well in its new position, now that it has plenty of sun and I remember to water it. Here’s the scenario: we now have solar hot water. So I can fill the jug with hot water instead of cold and it will take less time and electricity to boil. But the burst of cold water first would normally be wasted. So I fill the jug with the cold water from the hot water tap and go water the tree first. Then come back in and fill it with hot water. All we have to do now is get the dishwasher plumbed to the hot water instead of the cold and we’ll save a little bit more. The hot shower is rather nice too!

The garden continues to spring.

With our regular annual celebration for Thanksgiving, we realised that we didn’t have a cooler (known here as an Esky), so I acquired one from credit card points. It arrived and it’s HUGE – holds 95 litres. Julie’s first comment was that it would go into the motorhome quite nicely.