May 2007

Yesterday’s visit to the surgeon resulted in the aspiration of only another 180 ml of mostly serum, with a bit of fatty looking stuff as well. His opinion was that there is quite a bit of “fat necrosis” around the edge of the lump. Basically, that means the fat tissue in the area is dying and sloughing off into the serum, and when this is all over and it’s back to “shape”, I’ll have a beautifully sculptured indent in the thigh where the fat is no longer there. I looked up “fat necrosis” on the net and most of the references are for breast reconstructions! Anyway, all this means that the wound is not continuing to bleed into the lump, and that the healing process is now starting. Which means the compression is off, I can now walk almost normally and the background pain level is not anywhere near as bad. Still can’t roll over in bed, but sometimes I can manage to sleep on my stomach, which is kinda nice. The not so good news is that it’s going to take ages to heal fully.

Another weekend has passed and more sorting has taken place. A huge thank you to Leon & Ruth, who came around for a hour or so on Saturday morning to provide manpower for moving “stuff”. Consequently, we are now much more organised, with an large area of the dining room now allocated for stuff that is going with us, another area in the lounge allocated to Stewart, and the garage sale starting to take shape out there. So of course, all of the workshop type stuff that normally resides in the garage had to come inside and the stuff to be sold had to make its way to the garage, hence the need for a burst of manpower. The place looks a mess, but it’s actually quite structured.

Since then, we have had another couple of weekends with bursts of manpower, with thanks (again) to Leon & Ruth, as well as Craig & Philippa, and Manish & Kesh. Most rooms are now packed, the garage sale is only a squeak away from being ready to go, and we are just tackling the final bits of packing as energy levels permit. It’s amazing how much stuff you have tucked away in places where you don’t look very often.

And I am still working only 3 hours a day, which in some ways is beneficial, because I can run errands, but the day still exhausts me by about 8 pm. My leg has now started showing signs of the fat necrosis mentioned earlier, where I have indents and dimples appearing in various places, although the internal muck is also moving down and around to the front, so it’s a rather dynamic landscape. But at least I can now sleep, although I am also on antibiotics for another condition and I suspect they are flaring up my legs aching during the night, which means I can easily be awake for several hours in the wee small ones. Huh, can’t win!

OK, we have moved house, now what? Well, apart from the garage sale, which was today, and netted $313, there is vacuum the floors (done), move the remainder of the bits’n’pieces that didn’t fit in the truck, pack up the (rather voluminous) remains of the garage sale and get them collected, get the house cleaned (already arranged), get the garden up to scratch (arranged I think), and then unpack the remaining 70% of the boxes in the new house. Actually, it’s not QUITE that bad, maybe 40%. We worked hard today, after we got home, and most of the kitchen is set up, we have located the essentials, like some clothes to wear, shampoo, towels, toothbrushes and toilet paper, and we have a load of washing done.

Meanwhile, I continue to be impressed with the new house. The windows are made of either laminated or toughened glass, which makes it hard to install the doggy door in them , but makes them great for insulating the house. The windows are hopper style, which I have always disliked because they don’t allow enough air flow, but in this case, they have as much some air flow as is needed to keep the place cool, while maintaining reasonable security. I went outside last night and was surprised to hear how much noise there was out there, that we couldn’t hear from inside! And it’s kinda nice sitting here with the outside light on, illuminating the garden, even if Julie does go out there and stink it up. We have had it treated by the pest control guys and Julie found one large and numerous small cockroaches when we arrived, so that money was well spent.

Datsun sang all the way here yesterday, and apparently cried all the time that I was gone to get another load of stuff. And then again when we left this morning. They have finally settled down, after we found one of their blankets and dropped it on the floor next to me.

Another week gone. The agent at the old house really pissed me off, by charging me for repairs to one of the walls, which I had already repaired, but not well enough it seems. And this is after I had voluntarily made a generous offer for some relatively minor damage to the hardwood flooring in the dining room. And then he said that there was a toilet brush that needed to be returned to the ensuite. Jeez, who cares? I’m waiting for the remainder of my bond refund in my hot little hand, before I rip him a new one via e-mail.

And another weekend gone, working on getting the new house unpacked and set up. The kitchen is now fully installed, numerous things have gone up on walls, the back bedroom and study now have some room to move, and the lounge room took quite a bit of shuffling furniture around before we got it into the state that I had envisioned. Once Julie saw the final product, she was happy with it, although of course it was nothing like what I had explained. (!) We also lashed out and bought an outside table with 4 chairs that fit right in under it, some solar lights for the garden and some new tools for me. In the process, we discovered that the large box that the table came in was perfect for a “play pen” for the puppies, so that they can “be there” in the carport, but can’t run off, while we transfer things from the car in through the gate.

We’ve been so busy this month that there are NO pictures, just these videos of the magpies warbling.