November 2006

This weekend’s activity was joining in with the local Ducati Club’s Economy Run, out to the Cotter River, over some hills and returning via Uriarra Crossing.  While I used 2.1 litres of fuel in the Hawk, Julie used a piddling 1.2 litres and won the category.

Hmm, this looks like a working lunch at Julie’s work.


Friday the 13th it ain’t, but Friday 10th was just as bad. Julie was given a month’s notice of termination of her job, on the basis that she doesn’t have and can’t yet get a Defence security clearance. She has really loved that job, so it came as huge shock.

And on the same day, riding home, I rounded a bend that I have taken hundreds of times, drifted wide and didn’t lean to correct it, and speared off into the dirt. Banged up my left knee and sprained left ankle and thumb, but fortunately nothing is broken. Even so, it took 4 hours to get through the hospital system and get the knee cleaned up. I’m now on crutches for a while.

Now nearly 2 weeks later, and there’s lovely fresh new pink skin emerging from the wound. The doctor’s comment was, “Ooooh, it’s granulating nicely!” Still sore, but I have full movement in the knee and can now put weight on it. I’ve discovered that hobbling with one knee locked in is still quicker than battling with crutches.

Meanwhile we are gearing up for our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

Which was a HUGE success. 20 people seated in a rectangle in the lounge, so that no-one was left out. A 10 Kg (22 lb) turkey virtually disappeared and everyone had a great evening.

Progress on the property in Kalgoorlie. This is a similar place next door.

The other big news for this month is that Julie’s application for permanent resident in Australia has been approved. Damn, now I’ll NEVER get rid of her!