February 2006

We have also expressed interest in a property, now being built from the ground up, in Kalgoorlie, a gold mining town in Western Australia.

Pictures from April.

We went for a drive down to Nowra to have a first look at motor homes (which Julie calls caravans). A little disappointing really, as the only large one they had on the site was nowhere near the biggest in the Winnebago range and felt rather cramped. On the way down, we were looking for lunch as we drove through the little town of Nerriga. Came across a sign that mentioned the “famous Nerriga burger”. Best choice we ever made was to stop for one of those! It was worth the 50 km of dirt road to follow and I managed to find what I had actually been looking for on the way – Tianjarra Falls, a stunning waterfall where you can actually stand at the top of it and look down, as the photos and movies show. Julie was just about jumping out of her skin for the whole time that I was near the edge.

Click for the full view.


We came home via the beautiful Kangaroo Valley and the main highway.

To this.


Oh. Hi, Duncan.

Our motor scooter upgrades have now both been collected. Julie has gone from a 50 cc to a 150 cc and I have gone from a 50 cc to a 250 cc. What a beast!

And it seems that the Korea trip for Julie has finally firmed up. We had expected her to be away for all of March and half of April, but now that we finally have her Government Travel Charge (GTC) Card (basically a credit card) on the way, although not actually here yet, the time was too short for issue of orders before she was due to travel. All this was so that she could fit in all of her commitments before the end of her “personal” year on 12 April. She needs 3 more “good” years to secure her retirement, i.e. 3 periods from 13 April to 12 April in which she has completed 36 days of service – that’s about 7 weeks’ worth of weekdays. So she can have it finished by 2008. We now expect that she will be away from mid April to early June.

I’ve been off work for nearly 2 weeks now, with an almost-all-over itchy rash that we thought had been brought on by a medication change. After we finally got some blood tests taken, it seems I’ve had an internal infection somewhere that has been the cause of the rash not clearing up as it should have. I feel so damned drugged, I could rattle.

Finally also got a decent photo of the new bike on a ride up to Black Mountain.

A cork tree plantation.

The pine forests are recovering after self seeding.