December 2005

From Seattle.

Summer has started here with a real bang – literally. Severe storm here tonight. Update – it really was severe. Localised winds of around 100 mph and lots of tree damage.





For the first time in 3 years, I’ve put up the Christmas Tree. We’ve decorated it with a combination of Julie’s and Doris’s thingies, set up the lights on a timer switch, put up angels and bears around the TV, ….


Wow.  Christmas came early here today, when Stewart couldn’t wait to show me what he’d bought me – a 19″ LCD monitor and Logitech keyboard, so that I don’t have to squint into the 12″ screen on the laptop and poke my way around the tiny keyboard. This monitor is positively HUGE! I’ve had to make the default background colour into an off white to reduce the glare.

Christmas report – we had a GOOD day. We delayed opening presents until the worker staggered out of bed (he was working again in the afternoon). He was very pleased with his 100-piece socket set and he and Julie teamed up to get me a jacket to wear on the scooter, complete with elbow and shoulder protection and back support. Julie scored some nice jewellery, a Starbucks bear, her annual Christmas Eeyore, an Eeyore sweatshirt (hmm, will wear that next year in the winter) and other stuff. All in all, it was just a good relaxing day. Her prized recipe of crab soufflé went over with all the grace and flair of a lead balloon and the tomato aspic that she remembered so fondly from years gone by, was obviously more notable for her memory of the guy who gave her the recipe than for its taste. “Someone” said it looked like dog food. The cooked ham and macaroni salad did at least go over well, and we gave her top points for trying.

While we are on holidays, we are getting out every day on the scooters, going further afield each day as the weather and prevailing conditions permit. Today was out over Coppins Crossing, past Dairy Flat and around the lake. Tomorrow is out to Uriarra Crossing and back via the Cotter Reserve. Might even make it out to Tidbinbilla one day.

Of course, being December, it’s hot.

Also Julie has been firmed up on a trip to Korea as part of finishing her military service, sometime in February and/or March (or maybe April – any more than that and we’ll have to shoot you), and she has to get firmed up in other ways, so we’ll be out each evening with her roller skating and me walking the puppies. The photos of them are trying to show how flat they get, trying to keep cool as the temperatures head towards the old century. Not to mention “she who cannot stay awake any longer” and the 2 left-over presents under the tree. Too bloody hot to go out at all.

We have started a page of Julie to Rodney translations, some of which may need further explanation. If this is the case for you, let it be a good excuse to call us and say hello. (Hint).