November 2005

Melbourne Cup Day today – the day that a horse race stops the entire nation for 10 minutes and severely paralyses it for the rest of the day. It’s been really interesting watching something that I take for granted as normal, through Julie’s eyes as she sees these things for the first time.

From the other side of the pond again.

We had a great weekend in Melbourne. Saturday, hanging out with Paul, Lisa and Kiana. The usual baby stuff – sleeping, waking, feeding, the other end, going back to sleep.

That night, we stayed at a hotel where there was a Chinese wedding reception happening. So we sat in the foyer and watched the action. Muggins here managed to put away 10 shots of Baileys and was still standing! Julie tried her first Martini and said that “the olive was the best part”.

Sunday was an early Christmas celebration for Simon before he heads off to Perth to take up a new job.

It’s now Wednesday and I’m still recovering. Or maybe that had something to do with moving office on Monday morning.

And it’s now the Thanksgiving season. Thanks to Nigel (Aussie) and Patricia (Yank) for hosting their annual celebration last night. Apart from being a great night with plenty of food, enough grog and lots of friendly conversation, it gave Julie lots of pointers for our own bash next weekend, with up to 20 people, most of whom have never been to a Thanksgiving Dinner.

And a VERY successful Dinner it was – 14 people enjoyed conversation on a wide variety of topics, plus a couple of tropical downpours and a hail storm put on specially for the occasion by the universe. And as predicted, the use of a fruit salad as part of the main course was questioned and the pumpkin pie was not exactly a huge hit. But we did get through one and a half 4-kilo turkeys – that’s about 15 pounds for you furriners.

We had a storm to go with the dinner.




Received these via e-mail of a storm last night in Sydney. Thought they were good enough to post, with thanks to whoever took them.

Julie writes:

Hi – sorry I haven’t replied soon. Okay so how did the surgery go and do you have to have a “thingy” in your heart? I haven’t heard anything from you – so hope that is good news. Who will be there for Xmas? Wish we were but ….. Hey did you receive the packages yet?

Yes the Thanksgiving went over great. I invited about 15-20 people over for a sit-down dinner. Had to cook two turkeys, so took Friday off and cooked a lot of the stuff that day. Sweet potato bake went over really good though I didn’t put marshmallows on it – still trying to learn how to use the fan-forced oven. Pumpkin pie didn’t go either. My apple-blueberry crisp disappeared though. We are settling into Xmas now. We have our tree up (fake but looks good), some decorations and lights outside. Am holding back from putting too much up this year, but will do more when R and I have a home of our own (next year). We are going to do an Aussie Xmas this year, which are cold items. I still going to make Mom’s crab soufflé as it tastes great cold too. Stewart will more than likely be working – so it will be just Rodney and me. We plan on going Scootering that day.

The last 2 weekends we have had the worst weather in Canberra. R says that he has never seen weather so bad. The day of the Thanksgiving we had a rain and hail storm. The hail was the size of pennies – I kid you not. It cracked our skylight in the kitchen. It was about 2″ thick against the fence. Then last weekend we had a wind storm that tore trees down everywhere. This weekend is turning out warm though the flies are going to be bad this year. Yuck!!!!!! They are everywhere and in everything. And I’m not talking about small flies either.

Did I tell you that we both got scooters? They only go about 70-80 (kph not mph) but are good learning tools. Will upgrade in a couple of years. I had my usual Julie gets lost episode – last Thursday we scootered to work (I follow R and then he heads to his job) then went out to Mitchell to check on some face masks for the helmets. It really started raining on the way home and we had to stop on a little incline. I don’t do well on hills standing still. Anyhow – he took off while I proceeded to drop the bike. Got it back up (still pouring cats and dogs) and moved up to where he was. I nodded at him to let him know I was okay and started forward. He had to wait for a semi to pass, so lost sight of me for a little bit. Anyway – I’m tooling along soaking wet, so my aim was to get home ASAP. Pretty soon I hearing this beeping behind me – was R so pulled over. He is laughing his head off cuz I missed the turn off and was going the wrong direction and I was sooooooooooooooo proud of myself thinking I was leading and knowing where I was going. We turned around and got home – this time I’m following him!!!!!!

Good news, my job got extended to the end of February. I really like working at CASA (Civil Aviation and Safety Authority). I call it a mini-Boeing.

Also just found out that I will more than likely be going to Korea in March and possible next Aug to do my annual training. Will fill you in on that as I find out more.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Remember light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Julie >^..^< :>)