May 2005

Around the house.


Well we weren’t quite right with Julie’s new contract, but at least she’s working. She’s on contract until the end of June, when (hopefully) new financial year funding is released.

We drove down to Melbourne for Simon and Lisa’s engagement party. Great night, although Julie tripped over a 2-inch step on the decking and landed heavily on her right knee. Yep, I tripped over the same step the first time I was there, too. It would just have to be the driving leg, wouldn’t it? So she only did a small part of the 10-hour drive home. We even bought her a walking stick at Glenrowan, which is where the famous bushranger Ned Kelly made his last stand. Lots of bruising and some twisted muscles, it’s put her out of action for 2 whole days.

Paul and Lisa.

Simon and Lisa.

The big news this week is that I’m being transferred at work next week to the Coalition Warfare Interoperability Demonstration group, where I’ll be a whole lot busier and may even get some travel to New Zealand, the USA and /or Canada. Still employed by Boeing, just a change of Defence scenery.

I have adjusted the side by side maps of Australia and the US, by putting both of them in the same picture at the same latitude. It makes a very interesting view of why the northern half of Australia is hot (well it’s in the tropics after all) and the northern half of the US is so cold in the winter.