August 2004

I have had some fascinating conversations with Doris lately, one of them while sitting on a large rock surveying the vertical drop below. (I was abseiling at the time). Here are some of the highlights, paraphrased of course:

I feel so alone and lonely. OK, so talk to me.  By the way, your poem was spot on. I want your memories to be a source of joy to you, not pain. And because I move at light speed, as you so eloquently put it, I can listen and talk to you at the same time as everyone else in your world.
So your friends can do the same? Yep.
What’s it like over there? Spectacular. It would really blow your mind. Actually there is a reason why we have to die before we can see it. It would be way too much for your physical mind to handle.
And you know what’s in store for your next lifetime? No. Actually, yes, but I can’t tell you. There’s a whole lot of stuff here that I can’t tell about because I can’t put it into your words, so it’s pointless even trying. And yes, I have already made my sacred contracts.
And the lessons we learn, we take them with us? Yes, the lessons we learn are retained by the spirit as it continues its journey.
You went early, that means you had learned all of your lessons? Yes.
So people who live to a ripe old age, they’re slow learners? Some of them, yes. Some of them also have work to do.
So people like the Dalai Lama, surely they learn their lessons very quickly, why don’t they go? Because they also have a life task to achieve. I had done both – learned my lessons and done my work.
So maybe I’ve learned lots, but still have a job to do? Yep, I told you that, very early on. And you already know that Julie is an important part of that too. And as you know, I’ve been assigned to you for the remainder of your lifetime, to help you with your work.
And this work, I haven’t really started it yet, a bit like you taking on St John’s Care, everything else you did was leading up to that point? Ummmm, yeah, good summary.
And Julie’s skills and experience are integral to the work, we have to do it together? Yep.

I have actually been on the lookout for clues as to what this work is. I’m just asking the universe to allow Julie and me a bit of time to get together before we actually embark on this journey.

Julie and I have been playing with Aussie and American words lately. Try this sentence, which makes perfect sense to me, sounds like mumbo jumbo to a Yank, until it’s translated: There I was standing in my tracky dacks in the queue at the supermarket, waiting to buy some light globes, toasted muesli and capsicums, and listening to some stupid bugger behind me, when I thought I should give you a ring on the mobile and remind you that it’s your shout for dinner next week, and suggest that it would be nice to have bangers and mash with tomato sauce, followed by chocolate bikkies and iced vo-vo’s.

Translation: There I was standing in my sweats in the line at the grocery store, waiting to buy some light bulbs, toasted granola and green peppers, and listening to some stupid person behind me, when I thought I should give you a call on the cell phone and remind you that it’s your treat for dinner next week, and suggest that it would be nice to have sausages and mashed potatoes with ketchup, followed by chocolate cookies and (oh, forget it, you’d never get that one).

Another random story: We were heading out to dinner and I asked Julie, “So, are you going to shout tonight?” Her reply: “Um, why would I want to shout at you? I’m not mad at you … yet.”

Good news. I got my new camera. The insurance people called the camera store and it was just up to me to go in and pick up the new one. I lost an Olympus 300 and got it replaced by a 410, with the same size memory chip and just had to pay the $75 excess. Better pictures and movies with sound.

I also had a visit from Dorothy and Pete, armed with a collection of old family photos. Watch out for them appearing soon in my album.

I have also started using a product called Mailwasher to fight all the spam I get in the inbox. It’s from New Zealand, so yes Les, occasionally something worthwhile comes from Kiwi Land. One of the best features is being able to bounce a message, i.e. send it back to the originator looking like a message from my ISP that my address is not valid, encouraging them to take it off their list. I was so impressed with the product that I paid for it, which is usually something I try to avoid.

Had some fun with the new camera this weekend – shot off an entire memory card trying to get the water splashing over the wall of the lake in the strong wind.

Drought! This is the middle of Winter!

Found another investment property. Cost: $218,000. Rental income: $400 a week. Growth: 10% annual over 10 years, 50% last year. Nice! It’s in Moranbah, a mining town out from Mackay. Heading up there at the end of the month to have a look.

Meanwhile, Julie is in Savannah with her Dad, at a World War 2 re-union. Sounds really happy on the phone, must be enjoying herself.

Meanwhile, I went to look at the house in Moranbah.

I’m about to become an uncle again, with Nancy’s daughter on the way. Hey, it’s a girl, does that mean I’m an Auntie?

I was talking to a friend recently and as the conversation progressed, I became aware that I have a great deal to be thankful for in this lifetime. I have had several very rewarding relationships that have taught me a lot. I had 14 years with the best damn woman I have ever known. I have found love in people and places that I would never have dreamed of, and survived. I can even be thankful for losing Doris. Huh? While being unbelievably painful and traumatic, it provided me with the opportunity to examine my life in great detail, the lessons I have learned and those that still need to challenge me. And I have an equally exciting relationship to look forward to.