Family History

This is an attempt to preserve some family history, by gathering together photos that might otherwise be lost forever.

Claude in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Claude and Marjorie.

Left to right:

  • Ian, Claude’s brother
  • Joan, Marjorie’s sister
  • Claude and Marjorie
  • Roy, Marjorie’s brother
  • Peg, Claude’s sister

RAAF Engineering School. Claude is middle row, second from the right.

Rodney as a bright eyed boy, circa 1956. You can see the mischief already.

Rodney playing soccer in Mt Gambier, circa 1962.

Rodney’s High School picture. Straighten your tie, lad!

Rodney’s university graduation in 1971.

Rodney and Val at their wedding.

Val’s parents, Kath and Howard Smith.

Claude and Marjorie.

Dorothy, Claude, Marjorie, Kevin and wife Edith.

Simon, in the desert, somewhere in the Northern Territory, circa 1981.

Simon with Paul, 1983.

Rodney with Paul, 1983.

Circa 1986.

The family with cousin Kate.

Joined  by Pete, Claude and Dorothy.

Rodney in Adelaide, just before his round Australia trip, 1974.

With dolphins at Monkey Mia.

Somewhere in Western Australia.

Off the beaten track in the Hamersley Range, WA.

Heading for Kakadu National Park, NT.

In Kakadu National Park, NT.

Crocodiles at the Crocodile Farm in Darwin, NT.

Playing hockey in Darwin.

Baha’i House of Worship in Sydney, NSW.

In Sydney, NSW.

Hmm. Somewhere.

Rodney at work in Adelaide, circa 1975.

With colleague Keith Odam.

Rodney conducting a training session with Jaycees, doing a relaxation demonstration.

White water rafting with Mary Jane Dwyer.

Married to Doris Turner in 1991. Again, straighten your tie, lad!

Leaving for the Phillipines, with Simon and Stewart, 1991.

Trip to the mountains. Mt Pinatubo in the centre background.

At Clarkton House, Angeles City, after Pinatubo erupted.

The house in Carmenville Subdivision, Angeles City.

Destruction cause by lahar in the river beds (before and after).

At the house, before the cleanup started.

After we had moved in.

Avon, it’s everywhere!

Some pictures taken by others.

In Hong Kong on a mandatory “leave the country and return” for via purposes.

Back in Australia, in the Landcruiser, circa 1998.

Daintreee National Park.

With Cub Scouts, at the summit of Mt Kosciusko.

Also with Cub Scouts, at Jindabyne.

In Deakin, clearing the vines out of the tree at the front of the house. The rope was anchored to the Landcruiser.

With Simon.

On holiday.

Scuba diving. See! I really can remove my reg!

Sailing in the Witsunday Islands.

Had a lot of fun this day.

And somewhat more sedately.

At Government House in Canberra for the investiture of Queens Scouts Bridget and Jane.

Simon at a family gathering, in Marden, with Pete and Claude, for Claude’s birthday.

Some collages.

  1. Roy with Dorothy.
  2. Kevin, Dorothy and Rodney.
  3. Kevin.
  4. Marjorie with Dorothy.


  1. Kevin.
  2. Dorothy.
  3. Dorothy.
  4. Marjorie with Dorothy.


Kate and Claude.

  1. Claude.
  2. Pete’s mother Dot, Marjorie, Dorothy, Kate and Claude, for Dot and Kate’s birthday.
  3. Kath and Claude.


  1. Claude with his grandkids, Simon, Paul, Kate, Kim and Belinda.
  2. Claude with Kate.
  3. Paul and Simon.