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The Honiara Project:

Take a team of 34 Scouting youth members, aged from 12 to 23 (average age 16), and 9 Scouting adult members to the Solomon Islands, to refurbish the Red Cross Development School in Honiara, the only school in the country to cater for kids with disabilities.

Team Leader is Sophie Palavestra, aged 17.  The Project Council contains 8 youth members & only 5 adults.  One of the primary aims of the project is to involve the youth members in all of the planning, assessment, execution, leadership, cultural awareness, teamwork & fundraising aspects of the exercise.

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The links on the left provide stories & photos for that day.  It is our intention that they will be updated at the end of each day.

Very interesting photo showing some of the World War 2 activity right in the Honiara town area, from this website.

Current local time in Honiara.

Link to Honiara weather forecast.   Also world satellite motion loop.

I recommend Singer's Creations for his Weather Watcher program that updates the current temperature in your toolbar every hour while you are connected to the net. It's genuinely free, with no strings attached. If you do decide to download & install it, select maps, then West Pacific & Global. This will show you the satellite photo of the Western Pacific area, which looks like this, & you can see whether we are drowning or drying out.