Website restart

Since 2003, I have been maintaining the old website using Microsoft FrontPage, which is now completely defunct, and I can’t even download a copy of it any more. OK then, since it’s finally time to go to Plan B, and since WordPress is readily available and easy to use, here it is.

The header on every page is randomly select from a large number of my pictures that were suitable for trimming into the banner shape.

The Recent Posts area (above, to your right) shows only the most recent 5 months of news and pictures. While WordPress lists them in reverse order, most recent at the top, the content of each post is in chronological order, with links at the bottom of each month to the previous and next months, so that you can easily jump to the next one and continue the flow.

The Archives (at the bottom, also to your right) catch up on the stories from where the old site finished and progress from there. Because the archive is a collection of everything published in that month (which on this site is just the one post), you don’t see the links to previous and next. However, you can get these and follow the flow by clicking on the title of the post, which takes you to the post for that month. Clear as mud, right?

There are a few other things on the right that are either really cool, or useful to me or to the people who search for them.

And finally, the 2 dots at the top of some of the monthly posts are there to work around the theme, which compresses the first picture if it’s in landscape mode and too close to the top.

I am also slowly working back through the material on the old website to include it here. The website story restarts with the oldest month you can find in the Archives. Enjoy!

Update: Working backwards through our activities has become counter productive, because I don’t get the natural flow of information, and end up repeating myself, and as Julie would happily tell you, I hate that. So I decided to finish the backwards component at the point where I arrived in USA (May 2015), and then start from the beginning and meet up in the middle.