91 MB

In Australia, the "driveway" to the bus.

160722 2105

17 MB

Downtown - 14 min, Via Express Lanes - 33 min.

160722 1141

238 MB

Downtown onramp and flow control traffic lights.

160722 1227

31 MB

The center turn lane, AKA the Suicide Lane.

160722 1506

43 MB

I-5 joins I-405 in the afternoon.

160726 1221

30 MB

Whoa! Traffic in the University District.

160726 1251

70 MB

Idiots on the freeway. I was in the fast lane doing 70!

160727 0834

54 MB

Morning onramp - like a rifle barrel.

160727 0840

59 MB

And we're ........ crawling.

160803 1523

32 MB

Late lane change, second warning sign.

160804 0910

38 MB

One of "my" buildings, on the left.

160804 1307

111 MB

The car park under the apartments. Not as tight as it looks.

160805 0947

73 MB

Deliberately went round the block for a view of the Space Needle.

160810 1221

73 MB

The famous Fremont Troll, just up the street from a customer site.

160816 1408

38 MB

The Fremont Bridge, just going down again. And a Duck.

160818 1203

54 MB

Bloody trains. The click is me flicking the camera to make it save the clip.

160818 1225

91 MB

A very rare sight - an EMPTY freeway. I had already gone around the blockage.

160819 0927

25 MB

On a nice drive alongside a river, awesome old bridge structure.

160902 0855

15 MB

And the rains are starting, just one day at a time at this stage.

160907 1241

13 MB

Gets to be a nice day when you have views like this.

160908 0849

24 MB

Some days you end up in the WRONG lane.

160908 0959

16 MB

Yes, that's a gap in the concrete. Can be ugly, even in the truck.

160909 0933

31 MB

Nasty burn scar on the right, most likely from a cigarette butt.

160919 1420

31 MB

HEAVY storm cell, just blew in from nowhere.

160929 1154

29 MB

Yep, right under the flight path.

160929 1210

29 MB

Yes, it really is as tight as it looks.

161014 1122

20 MB

Nasty big weather system. Returning from Portland. Visibility: 10 metres?

161014 1131

13 MB

Same day. Guy on the right almost gets swallowed up.

161024 0925

13 MB

My first raccoon. Residential side street on the way out from work.

161027 1427

15 MB

Yes, that's a crack in the pavement. It even pulls the truck a little.

161204 0946

22 MB

The first snow of the season.

161209 1315

63 MB

Heavy snow last night. Coming home in the afternoon. You can see which cars were out in it.

161214 1015

13 MB

On the way back from a dash trip to Boise ID. Still don't know how I survived.

161214 1129

28 MB

Same trip. Cool, there's a train. Oh wow, there's another train.

161214 1440

21 MB

Same trip. Ooh, lookie here, it's a snow plough.

161214 1806

20 MB

Same trip. Of the 5 times I slipped, this was the least dramatic, but the most dangerous.

161227 1045

394 MB

(Big File) Going through the car wash.

170104 1045

22 MB

This guy is in a right turn lane & pointing straight ahead. Yep, there he goes!

170206 0627

22 MB

Snow everywhere. The buses must be slow mode. Oh, and there's someone in the ditch.

170207 1505

22 MB

Still lots of snow around. The camera can't pick up the stunning mountains in the distance.

170228 1016

22 MB

Again you can tell which vehicles haven't been out.

170322 0908

22 MB

Let's just change lanes without checking, shall we?

170327 1601

58 MB

This is a larger file, as it takes a while to play out. The accident is on the left.
OK, I know we're encouraged to slow down and/or move over for emergency vehicles
and I have seen many large trucks move into the next lane past a cop car,
but when it's an accident, EVERYONE has to slow down and take a look.

170331 1426

21 MB

Nerves of steel in the Express Lane.
Just hope some idiot doesn't decide to change lanes, but at least it IS a double white line.

170403 0916

27 MB

On a mountain highway. Military vehicle blowing steam.
His buddies were pulled off the road a few miles further on.

170404 1242

41 MB

There is JUST enough contrast for the camera to pick up the snow on the high peaks out there.
They look so much better in the real.

170414 1408

21 MB

Oh, yay. An empty piece of freeway to move over on!

170421 1345

30 MB

What hope is there when the school buses can't even take a roundabout the right way?
Although, in his defence, he wouldn't have got around the very small roundabout anyway.

170428 0843

30 MB

Hmm, not much room for error here.

170612 1140

38 MB

Who knew you could throw a truck that size around like that?

170613 1037

37 MB

Going up the inside. I could see the hole coming ....

170628 1222

30 MB

I could see him coming and not slowing down. All I could do was pray that he knew how to drive that thing.

170807 0737

13 MB

On a quick work trip to Spokane, driving alongside the fast flowing Wenatchee River.
You can also see the smoke haze from forest fires in Canada.

170808 1208

226 MB

(Big File) This was a real buzz. Because of roadwork, they have peeled off one lane to use the up track side.
We got a whole different view of the valley. If you look to the right towards the end, you can see the down track way off in the distance, on the other side of the valley.