Organ Donation
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This page is dedicated to the promotion of organ donation. Only 1% of the population dies from brain death (as distinct from cardiac death), which makes them eligible for organ donation. Only half of those potential organ donors receive family consent, which in Australia is mandatory for any organ recovery to take place.

The message from Organ Donation Awareness Week 2004 is, "Talk to your family." In the event that you turn out to be one of that 1%, let your family know in advance that your wish is for your organs to be recovered & used to prolong & enhance the lives of up 10 other people. It is a painful decision to make at the time. Allow your family to make that decision in advance and "Be Prepared".

Join the Australian Organ Donor Register by enrolling online here.

CT Article

Article in the Canberra Times, 22 February 2004.

Talk to Concert

Audio clip of what I said to the Organ Donation Awareness Week concert on 22 February 2004.

Talk to the Ambos

Talk given to In-service Conferences of the ACT Ambulance Service.

Talk to the ICU

Talk to the staff of the Intensive Care Unit at Canberra Hospital, 2 April 2004.

Talk to ATO Staff

Talk planned for staff of the Australian Tax Office.

Canberra Gathering

Draft for Canberra Donor & Recipient Family Gathering, May 2004.

The Gift of a Lifetime

Brilliant new website showing the organ donation process in considerable detail & telling the story from lots of different viewpoints.

Transplant Australia

Provides support for Australian donors & recipients, & also provides a linkage mechanism for each to contact the other.

External Links

For links to numerous organisations in both Australia & the US.