Buying a car
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A long time ago, Doris's boyfriend was also her mechanic, who taught her a lot about cars, how to look after them, how to maintain them & how to look for a good one.  In particular, he taught her about the process of "topping & tailing", which is taking 2 cars that have been damaged, one at the front & one at the rear, & joining the 2 good halves together in the middle.  It leaves a tell-tale scar or bump at the join point, that can be seen if you stand at the back & look along the side of the roof, paying special attention to the line of the gutter.

One day in Canberra, we were looking at cars & the salesman was doing his usual thing when Doris said, "Of course, you know this car's been topped & tailed."  Being your fairly typical salesman, he tried to bluster his way out & we eventually left him in complete shame, after he had been educated about one of his own cars, not just by a customer, but by a woman.  We just thought he was a bit of an idiot & carefully restrained ourselves from telling him so.