Philippines 1991
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Doris & I went diving with a group in the channel off Puerto Galera, with a REALLY heavy current running.  When we hit the bottom, Doris managed to grab hold of the old anchor & all that I could reach was her leg.  So there she was, holding onto the anchor, streamed out in the current & me holding on very firmly to her thigh, streaming out even further in the current!

Eventually I had to let go.  So while Doris managed to get down below the level of the rocks & coral at the bottom, and out of the current, I peeled off into blue water & could do nothing else except surface.  Another diver popped up beside me & we figured that, for us, the dive was over.

Meanwhile, she & his buddy found themselves both without a buddy & buddied up for the remainder of their dive.

The very first thing Doris did when she hit the surface was to shout, "Where's Roddie?".  When she saw me safely on the boat, she finally relaxed.