November 1990
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I was actually the one that insisted that we be married, partly due to my Baha'i beliefs at the time.

So on the Saturday morning of one of the first Formula 1 Grands Prix in Adelaide, we gathered at out home in Brighton for the wedding.  The weather was absolutely beautiful & the sign writers were writing "Go Well, Go Shell" in the sky.  We chose a spot under the cotoneaster tree, in the shade but facing into the sun, so that our guests would have the best view.

Guests included friends, family & neighbours, & colleagues from work, & in particular the people from TOYS, who had seen our relationship blossoming at fairly close range.

As we had already been together for some time, we already had 2 of almost everything, like toasters & washing machines, so everyone was designated to bring a particular item for the wedding, rather than a present as such.  Chairs, tables, the barbecue, meats salads, drinks, flowers - they all turned up at the appointed times.  Our wonderful next-door neighbour, Mrs Robinson, left us with 2 huge buckets of roses & orchids from her garden, just plonked them by the back door at 7 in the morning.  So some of our wedding photos have some "interesting" flowers in the background.  It also meant that Doris was able to wear a really fresh corsage.

The TOYS people insisted that if Doris was not going to wear white, then at least she should be wearing a dress.  Wearing a dress is something that she had not done for a very long time, because of her very bad varicose veins.  So she managed to find a pair of culottes, with matching jacket, in a pale cream colour, that was acceptably close to white.

Unfortunately, because of the location we had chosen for the ceremony, most of the photos of it are rather patchy with shade, but hey, everyone enjoyed themselves & we finished up with our piece of signed paper, which unknown to us at the time, we would really need in the Philippines the following year.

The afternoon flowed smoothly, with the barbecued meat & other food being available on time.  The guests even helped to clean up & put things away, & Gail got really drunk & started making love to the clothesline, much to the surprise & edification of some of the older TOYS people.

Even better was the discovery next morning, of a trifle that had been stuck in the spare fridge & forgotten, so that became our "honeymoon" breakfast, which we shared with the guys when they came to take away the barbecue.