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I'm also guessing at the date here. At some point, Anita married Ed McCutchen, an American geo-physicist, who I think was working on the oilfields in the Sahara at the time. Doris's brother Tom was born in the Canary Islands.

When the family moved to the United States, it was to Shreveport, Louisiana. At that time, Doris spoke Spanish at home and was fluent in French and German, and despite her hair colour, she was often mistaken for a Puerto Rican. Apparently, the school principal visited them at home and asked that they speak English at home, to give Doris a chance of learning it more quickly. Doris told the story of being an outcast in her own home, and of being treated as the bastard daughter of a bastard foreign wife. Apparently she would often spend the whole day out in the field if her mother was not at home.

The family then moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Here they lived in a 4-level house that required massive amounts of cleaning, which Doris would spend hours doing, just to get some sort of appreciation from her mother. She told of being one of only two Catholic families in an entire Mormon housing subdivision. She also told of ski trips to Aspen and of boating on a mountain lake.