France 1958
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I'm really guessing at the date here. I'm also guessing that this was after Anita's mother had died and Anita was a single parent. She was an airline stewardess and consequently did a lot of travelling. At some point, Anita and Doris were living in Paris, somewhere near the city and close to the river. Apparently they were also so poor, that food was often delivered by the local nuns. For the rest of her life, Doris hated the taste of blood sausage.

Many years later, Doris and a high school friend were holidaying in New Caledonia, which is a French speaking island in the south Pacific. There was no refrigeration in the room and the girls kept their fruit cold by putting it inside a bag of ice, in the bidet, which made perfect sense to them, since they weren't using the bidet. Being surrounded by French speakers, Doris started speaking French after a few days, and was surprised one day when someone asked her which part of Paris she had lived in. She very proudly related that her French was Parisian, not the ordinary schoolbook stuff.

The other irony here is that Doris spent the last years of her life working so hard to help people who were disadvantaged, often by circumstances rather than by intention, very much like she and her mother were, all those years before.