Bolivia 1954
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Doris's parents were Claus Wildt and Anita Kurtovic. Claus apparently added Hella to the Doris Anita part, after Anita's mother (I think).

I have a small photo of their wedding day, in the Registry Office in Cochabamba. Claus presents as a handsome man with slicked back hair.  Apparently, he was quite a womaniser and must have swept the young Anita off her feet.  He also left when Doris was about 2 and that was the last Doris saw of him. Years later, Doris's efforts to locate him turned up nothing. She suspected that he may have been part of the Nazi underground, which could explain his complete disappearance.

Doris remembered living with her mother and grandmother in Bolivia as a fairly unhappy experience, although she assured on many occasions that the blue blood of the Bavarian princes flowed through her veins and that she should never settle for second best. Doris also told of being raised mostly by her maid Rosa, and of a civil war going on at the time. One day on the way home, Rosa ripped her away from the spot where, moments later, a shell exploded. That sounds like a missed exit point to me.