October 2003
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The selection for October 2003: Slide Show of Original Photos

As Stewart has taken the camera home to Australia, I have had to resort to grabbing some local pictures.

View over downtown Seattle on one of the last sunny days for a while.

Freeway bridge demolition on the I-405 - we heard this from our place.

Traffic was flowing OK the next morning.

This is part of my morning journey, from the side road at centre right, across to the freeway entrance ramp at mid lower left. Original size

This is the exit I take on the way home & then take the flyover at centre, then left & eventually take another bridge back over the freeway. Our place is up the hill on the left, just out of the picture.

This is another part of my commute, directly under the camera, right to left in the mornings. This is looking west at the I-90, which runs east right across the country to Boston.

I try not to go here too often. This is SeaTac Airport - the pick-up & drop-off area.

Then I invested $30 in a tiny little camera that fits into the palm of my hand.

The Space Needle - one place none of us had been to yet.

The tall buildings WAY off out near the horizon in the centre - that's downtown Bellevue.

Hey, an almost happy shot!

An almost reasonable self portrait.

It's different.

Yes, the water is that close to the edge of the road.

Just love that pooping caravan!

The latest look.
Special message for Lorraine: Thank you.

The funny looking blob things are Canada Geese. This is in the vacant land right next to work in Kent


Mt St Helens:

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