June 2017
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Last month

Ah, the things I deal with at work.

  • Looks like it blew one fuse, which then set light to the other one.

I knew from my Sales Manager in Portland that we were arranging to buy another stressing set for some colleagues. What I didn't know was that one of them would call me on Friday morning, to say that he was on his way up from near Tacoma, asking me whether I could put it together.  Oh, and they would need it by 08:00 on Monday. I was scheduled to go home earlier than usual, but decided to tackle the job, rather than be potentially under pressure on Monday morning. I was surprised that it took me just one hour to get it running, so I took a video just to prove it:

  • Elongate the jack, switch to return pressure to retract it, and bang, there goes the wedge seater, which then relaxes when the pressure is taken off.

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