June 2017
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Last month

Ah, the things I deal with at work.

  • Looks like it blew one fuse, which then set light to the other one.

I knew from my Sales Manager in Portland that we were arranging to buy another stressing set for some colleagues. What I didn't know was that one of them would call me on Friday morning, to say that he was on his way up from near Tacoma, asking me whether I could put it together.  Oh, and they would need it by 08:00 on Monday. I was scheduled to go home earlier than usual, but decided to tackle the job, rather than be potentially under pressure on Monday morning. I was surprised that it took me just one hour to get it running, so I took a video just to prove it:

  • Elongate the jack, switch to return pressure to retract it, and bang, there goes the wedge seater, which then relaxes when the pressure is taken off.

Outside, in the lane at the rear of our block.

  • Hmm, the blackberries are looking particularly healthy!

Coming home one day.

  • Hmm, the delivery people have been busy. I get work stuff shipped to home because it is so much easier than trying to get them to catch me "in" at work.

On a job site.

  • This is the last stage of a PT cable installation, where the grease caps have been installed.
  • This is the previous stage, where this guy is cutting the cable with a blow torch.

This is the funeral home just up the street, where I work part time.

  • I had noticed that they never fly their flag at half staff (which BTW, is half way down the mast, rather than one one flag width from the top). Now hard to see why, as the tree has grown around the flagpole. Trim the tree, you say. Ah no, that tree is as old as the building itself. I got them a guote to move the flagpole, but there's so much work needing to be done on the rest of the building, it's going to be a long time before it getsa done.

Back home on the balcony, my first attempt at operating the barbecue.

  • Yep, the coals are ready. The amount of heat they were pushing out was fierce.
  • And the end result - grilled chicken skewers.

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