March 2017
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Last month

At work:

  • This is where the hose meets the jack. Someone has dropped it!
  • Band new jacks! This was the first one assembled.
  • Pumps waiting for more jacks to arrive.

Cub Scouts camp:

  • Yep, it's a Winter Camp!
  • Joe assisting young Billy to shoot. 3 outa 3!
  • And Billy at archery. Also 3 outa 3 onto the target.
  • And Muggins coming down the Tube Slide.

Back at work, I rebuilt the Stack Rack, which is for storing bulk heavy stuff:

  • Redesigned to take 2 of the job boxes if necessary.
  • The more usual view of the area.
  • An interesting situation on a job site, where the cable sheath appears to have shrunk, exposing bare cable at the end of the white sleeve.
  • The underside of a jack, where the grippers go. Someone has sheared off 2 of the 4 bolts!

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