February 2017
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Last month

Life goes on around here. Just yesterday, we woke to snow on the round again.

At work, a customer suggested that she should be able to separate pumps fropm jacks, which would greatly assist in moving them around a job site. Given that the pump is about 60 lbs (27Kg) and a jack is around 55lbs (25Kg), and they may need to move a set up or down a ladder, I thought it a good idea, and made it happen on 2 sets only.

  • The couplers used.
  • The pump and jack separated.

As it happens, the boss put a bit of a damper on the idea, saying that the company used to do this, but job site people got so much gunk into the couplers that they leaked badly, and they moved to having them permanently plumbed together. I think I'll set it up so that I have the option to supply sets attached or separate, depending on the job site.

And on a different note:

  • A snapshot of the weather map from weather.com - the blue is snow currently falling across almost all of Washington State. It's due to reach us tonight, just in time for the start of the working week.

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