June 2004
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Holy Crap, it's June already! We leave for Honiara in just 4 short weeks.

Philippa was elected Branch President of Scouts ACT last night, so I've been catapulted back into the saddle as Group Leader.

Here I am with some brand new friends at Jamieson Sanctuary, built a few years ago by Barb, our healing teacher, & her husband Rod. It's been hard to come back here, as every other time I've been here has been with Doris. It's going to be a VERY relaxing weekend, just what I need for recharging the batteries.

OK, I was wrong. When you stay at Barb's, either you sleep the sleep of the dead or you dream vividly all night. I did the latter, both nights. However, I did manage to do a heap of spiritual work on both myself & my relationship with the 2 women in my life. I have taken the first step towards formally releasing Doris to go on with whatever else she needs to do. I now need to do a "cutting the ties" with her - if you know what I'm talking about here, you'll know why. I have also had what I  believe will be my last big cry over losing Doris. I now need to look to the future, to a transition period between finishing my primary relationship with Doris & being ready for a full commitment to Julie when we do eventually get together in the same country. Barb did warn me that this weekend would be a pivotal point in my life.

Some good news this morning. Julie's "rap sheet" is on its way back from the FBI, hopefully with no incriminating stuff in it (whoops, did I say that?) (out loud?) heh heh. Which means that we can now submit her resident visa application to the Australian Embassy in Washington DC & wait another 3 to 4 months for an approval. So September or October may yet be on the cards for her to move.

Meanwhile, plans for the Honiara trip are moving ahead. I've had my "Honiara haircut". Number 4 on top this time, with number 2 up the sides. And dug out one of the better dive bags to take, because it's strong & light weight. Our luggage is limited to 20 Kg plus 7 Kg carry on, so weight is a real issue. And we want to take with us a number of computers for the school, plus a high volume water filter that we can install in the school for us to use & then leave it there. So far I have raised over $300 in donations towards it.

I've just realised that I haven't explained here what the Honiara Project is about. It's a team of about 40 young people & 10 adults, all from Scouts in &  around Canberra, who will be in Honiara (the Solomon Islands) for the first 2 weeks of July, refurbishing the Red Cross Development School, which is the only one in the country that caters for kids with disabilities. The Team Leader is 16-year-old Sophie, who got into trouble at school the other day when she got yanked out of class to take a phone call. She then had to explain to the teacher that it was a call from the Australian High Commissioner in the Solomon Islands! It's going to be a bit of shock to the male dominated society over there to have a female in charge of the team, and such a young one at that. Like the rest of the adults, I'm just there as one of the helpers.

Last night at the Scout Group AGM, I was presented with the new version of my "Certificate of Adult Leadership", which includes the equivalency accreditation for a "Certificate 3 in Business (Frontline Management)". Cool!

My job for the long weekend is to get a bunch of computers up & running, ready to take to Honiara. I've been trying to get them onto various types of air freight transport, but it's a bit of lost cause.

I have also received a heap of assistance from Holly in my quest for knowledge about aneurysms & brain death. One of her radiologist colleagues gave me a spectacularly simple explanation of Doris's CAT scan reports. I am now quite convinced that it probably wasn't an aneurysm, but rather a combination of high blood pressure & very heavy exercise blowing an artery in an area known as the Circle of Willis, which is is complex interconnecting blood supply system deep in the brain. Even if Stewart had applied expert first aid immediately & kept it up until the ambos arrived, the end result would have been the same, probably extended by just a few days at the most.

This month is getting really busy, mostly with gearing up for Honiara. Raffles, trivia nights, overnight movie night. Starting to wonder if my feet ever hit the ground. At least when I do get to bed, I'm out like a light. That's got to be a good thing.

We have found Stewart a car. It's a Proton Satria GTI - very nice. Just slightly over the budget, but I said I'd help him buy it if I could drive it occasionally. I guess the lout has to come out & play sometimes.

I guess my life is certainly not dull at the moment. Even went ice skating with the Scouts this week.

Meanwhile, Julie has been laid up at her parents' place after knee surgery. She says she's even holier than before. She is walking already after just a couple of days & sounds REALLY relaxed on the phone. Her Dad cast his eagle eye over the visa application & it is now in the post. Now we just wait for 4 to 6 months.

This should be my last addition to this month's newsletter. From here on, for the next 2 weeks, all attention is on the Honiara Project.

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