March 2006
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Good morning or your afternoon - we had a great time in Brisbane this weekend but it is extremely humid there. We had a early-bird (I'm definitely NOT a morning person!) flight Friday and then Rodney went off to his meeting so I just wandered downtown. The streets there are a lot like San Francisco - windy and hilly. We went and checked out two of the rentals that he has in Brisbane (both places have great tenants but he just wanted me to see them for myself) and then off to Harvey Bay (3 hours north) to
check on the land that he owns there on the beach. This is land that he and his former wife bought together about 8 years ago (beautiful area) and he would really like to build on it someday. We stayed there that night (good food, good wine and good sleep) and were able to get wireless up on his computer at dinner, just long enough to find out that my orders for Korea had been approved.

Up early Sat to head back to Brisbane. We drove down by the beach and saw what we thought were a flock of birds. No way but 100's (literally) of fruit bats coming back to roost in the park after a night of doing bat things. Talk about "Welcome to My Nightmare"!!!!! and we were right in amongst them. There are a few apartments around and I'm not sure I'd want to live that close to them. Check out the rest of our website to see pictures and movie.

We went and had breakfast and I forgot it was April 1, you all know what that is. The Waitress got a good one on me and told me that I should wander down to the beach and see the whales as they had arrived early this year!!!! Rodney started laughing and I caught on - whales don't get there until Aug.

We tried to see the Aussie Zoo (Steve Irwin) but decided that AU$49 per person was just too much to spend for a few hours. We will go again someday when we have all day. We arrived that evening and discovered "The Koala Sanctuary". It was our price so went in and had a great time. I actually got to hold a Koala and had a picture taken. He was about 8 years old and had been hand-reared. So soft and again something I never thought I'd be able to do. Wonderful!!!!! So many new experiences here.

Visited friends that Rodney worked with in Seattle and had dinner. Simon was the Australian Resident Manager back then & was a tower of strength to Rodney is his time of need.

Home early today, did grocery shopping and now just relaxing. I'm no longer employed so have about 1-1/2 weeks to get ready for Korea starting tomorrow. Buying the tickets is the 1st thing. Am getting excited. Hope you had a great weekend and I love you.

Julie >^..^<

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